Meet Our Team

Portland Web Design specializes in delivering sustainable websites for businesses, using cutting edge technology while providing exceptional levels of service to our partners.

We have a core group of dedicated folks that are the heart and soul of Portland Web Design. We’re a talented group of creative experts dedicated to our crafts and driven by a shared passion to bring our client’s vision to digital life. Using the latest web technologies and striving to embody our values as a company, we will earn your trust each and every day and show you just what sets us apart.
We are Portland Web Design.

Charlie Stanley

Charlie Stanley
Managing Director

Samuel Coy

Samuel Coy
Vice President, Business Development

Anna Stopa

Anna Stopa
Art Director

Chris Bates
Senior Web Developer

Kaytee Horton

Kaytee Horton
Community Engagement

Jared Mitchell
Senior Software Engineer

Nathaniel Robertson
Project Manager

Brian Aloisi
Content Strategist

Mehran Aziz
Front-End Developer

We’ve enjoyed great success working with a network of professional independent contractors. Think of it as an extended family, whereas our core team is more of a nuclear family (and sometimes we even glow).

Working with a wide range of freelancers in a variety of disciplines allows us to remain a very lean and nimble company. We have the ability to stick around when more traditionally structured firms go under because they’ve overextended (laying off a bunch of people in the process). We can easily scale up for big projects, while staying efficient when things slow down.

The other big advantage to working with members of our freelance network is that it gives us a chance to try them out (and vice versa) to see how good of a fit we are. Over time, this allows us to continue working with the best and brightest, while weeding out the bad apples (which is good for both us and our clients).

Scott Hendison
Search Engine Optimization

Quavondo Nguyen

Quavondo Nguyen
Premium Photography & Video

Ben May
Enterprise Deployment

Robert Mindzak
User Experience Designer

Michael Mitchell
Web Infrastructure

Hasan Saleem
User Experience Designer


With Portland Web Design, you can have the peace of mind that comes with enjoying the absolute security of knowing we’re here to take care of your website, no matter what — whether it’s an emergency power outage at 3 a.m., or a deadline that has to be met — we will always answer the call.

Our goal is to create an ongoing business relationship with our partners that doesn’t just end after your site is finished. We will continue to remain engaged, offer unwavering support, and help you achieve a real return on your investment.

We look forward to working together with you. Schedule a free consultation with us anytime and see what Portland Web Design can do for you.

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