What is Social Media Marketing?

Think of social media marketing as a never-ending Story told by your business, about your business

Formally, Social Media Marketing is Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a publicizing mechanism. The objective of Social Media Marketing is to produce content that users will organically share with their social network. Why? Because social media members have robust, diverse social networks comprised of their family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and more. Delivering compelling content that will appeal to them or to their extended network is proven to increase brand exposure and expand customer reach in nearly all industries.

At Portland Web Design, we can enhance every business that we partner with by utilizing social media marketing as a cost effective conduit to customer satisfaction. Undeniably, the popularity of social media marketing is rooted in helping businesses get direct feedback from their customers, and potential customers, while making the business seem more personable. The direct interactive features of social media give your customers the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, make recommendations or voice complaints, making them feel directly connected to your business. All of these contributions stand to help your business grow, because by listening and learning from our customers we gain access to the sorts of valuable information that are typically only available through costly, time-consuming market research.

However, most standard social media marketing agencies are still offering basic prepackaged “social media” options. These generic plans are designed to set it and forget it, which can seem appealing for a growing business. Or that is until you realize that your package hasn’t increased your traffic or your revenue. Truthfully, the set it and forget it social media tactic is outdated and ineffective and can leave your customers feeling ignored and frustrated.

When partnered with Portland Web Design, we always base our digital strategies in the user’s online experience. As a part of our consultation process we actually get to know your business and its customer. Having a full understanding of what is important to your business and its customers gives us the opportunity to develop personalized social media solutions. Fortunately, there are lots of social networking sites to choose from. Whether your business opts to use the more general Facebook, YouTube or Twitter or the more niche Instagram or Pinterest we don’t offer prepackaged one size fits all plans, instead we encourage you to pick whichever social networking sites fit best for your business.

Once you have elected what fits best for your business, our involvement is determined by you. We can establish and maintain your social media presence, train your appointed in-house social media staff or both.