A Website is a business investment.

It needs to effectively communicate with your market and support your brand.

Many standard web design agencies can create an eye-catching, cool and creative website but, is the website truly functional? If your website is not easy to navigate or if the messaging is not clear and easy to comprehend, your business is losing opportunities to grow.

The content of your website should be based in the purpose of your business. Ultimately your business website should serve as an interactive brochure.   For instance, does your business wish to generate leads? Retain existing customers? Inspire a call to action? Build an internal “opt-in” list? Encourage a purchase? Or maybe your business simply wants to deliver information about your products & services in a more compelling way.

When you partner with Portland Web Design every concept, every design, every development is first founded in the user’s experience. Before we start producing any content we actually get to know your business.   We take the time to research your customer and your industry, and we work directly with you to identify your target audience. These efforts allow us to align the intended message of your brand with the received message of your brand. But we don’t stop there. We continue to work with you after the launch to ensure that your website content serves as a fully functioning extension of your business that alleviates excess calls and emails, freeing up valuable staff to save your business time and money.