Mobile friendly design is no longer an option for consideration.

It is a prerequisite for developing your website…

Prior to portable devices such as tablets and mobile smartphones, websites were designed only for computer screens with static and fixed webpages. With regard to website development, far too often mobile design is being tacked on as an afterthought to a preexisting website. Unfortunately, many standard web design companies still view mobile design as a secondary design, despite mobile trends and research that confirms that this view is not only a costly mistake, but a misguided one. The fact is that as more and more people use the web to consume products, services and information they are doing so via a mobile device, therefore inevitably less people rely on the standard desktop formatting. How your website responds to the mobile insurgence is crucial to the future of your business.

At Portland Web Design we know better than to simply make your website “mobile-friendly”. Instead we start our development process with a Mobile first Responsive Design. Our Mobile First Approach utilizes responsive web design to streamline desktop & mobile interactions. Mobile-First is a combination of values, strategies, and ultimately understanding and applying web best practices. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly more complex, Portland Web Design develops websites that modify with different devices intuitively to enhance the user experience on all platforms and across the spectrum of digital devices.

By developing Mobile First Responsive Designs we ensure that your business has the ability to reach more potential customers. As of 2013, 91% of adults residing in the US were using mobile devices, and as of 2014, 1.75 billion people worldwide are smartphone users. “While the adoption figures are stunning by every measure—the cell phone is the most quickly adopted consumer technology in the history of the world”.