Website Security is not a “Set-it and Forget it” discretionary feature

It is ever-evolving obligation for your business.

It’s no wonder that virtual commerce is so popular when the ability to access information, products, and services has made our lives so much more convenient.   However, as futuristic innovation becomes present day necessity, doing business online requires more aggressive, more stable securities. The fact is that every business is at risk for an online security or data breach, making Web Hosting Security quintessential. Security breaches can come from anywhere in the world without warning and target any part of your business.   What you don’t know about web hosting can seriously hurt your ability to operate.   When the trust you’ve built with your customers is at stake, it is obviously crucial that you place your web hosting security in the hands of an expert.

For standard IT professionals that offer Web Hosting Security services, webhosting security means protecting websites from hackers and malicious codes. While this is true, this is basic.   Standard agencies forget to consider that website security depends on a number of components working as a well-oiled machine such as the server, applications, databases, scripts, etc.

At Portland Web Design, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we consider all aspects of security to ensure continuous operations and disaster recovery.   We proactively find solutions to your security and compliance challenges by using only leading technology and applying web best practices. Our tried and true formula enables us to effectively secure your website and protect your business. Additionally, we constantly inspect your website for vulnerabilities and we can advise your staff on web best practices to avoid inadvertently compromising your system.

Simply put, effective website security requires two continually working parts. One part is applying the latest & greatest technology systems, and the other is monitoring and updating those systems. With Portland Web Design, your business will receive both.